Custom Website Design is important

With so many websites and businesses already out there, you may want a site that is eye catching site or web pages that will generate you customers or viewers. But you may have limited web design experience or do not know exactly how to design what you are looking for?

Website programming

The glitches, the conflicts, the little programming errors that can turn a beautiful-looking web site, into a waste of time and money (for both the owner and potential customers).

Craigslist Ad Design

When you combine the right image, with a professional design, your Craigslist ad will stand out on a crowded page and attract the attention your product or service deserves.

Corporate logo

We know them as well as we know the shape of our state, or the colors of our flag: the trademarks and logos of America's most respected companies. We know them because we see them out front, before we read a slogan, or take in a picture. They are the 'signature' of a company – a promise of a particular service or product that needs no explanation.

what we do

Custom Website Design Service

With so many websites and businesses already out there, you may want a site that is eye catching site or web pages that will generate you customers or viewers. But you may have limited web design experience or do not know exactly how to design what you are looking for?

Here at, we offer professional and custom website design plus landing pages at a competitive prices. We have built sites for small businesses, large corporations, marketers and affiliate marketers sites. We have the experience you are looking for and we will serve your needs well.

We can build you a small or large site with no problems, we are here to help get your goal and site up. We are also a member of the Better Business Bureau(BBB), so you know that you can trust our team.

You can even view our portfolio available right here at our site for you to browse to get an idea of what we offer. Maybe even help give you an idea for your own site. You can also read our past customer testimonies, as we do feel that they speak for themselves.

This is how we work-we will help plan your future site and you talk directly with our designers about this. No third party at all will be involved. We work with you to come up with a total plan to design what you need and want.

Joomla/Mambo web design

The Web is like Times Square: only the brightest banners stand out. Even if you like the design of your present banner, a new design might shake things up.

Mambo and Joomla are content management systems (CMS) that can be used for everything from designing simple websites, to managing complex online reservation systems.

They are very popular because they require almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage - once they are installed on your server.

Unfortunately many web host services to do not provide one-click installation of either application.

Customized Craigslist Ad Design

Not just a picture. Not just a listing.

When you combine the right image, with a professional design, your Craigslist ad will stand out on a crowded page and attract the attention your product or service deserves.

It's a fact:

professionally designed Craigslist ads get more clicks, develop more leads, and make more sales.

Five Easy Steps to Craigslist Success.

1. Fill out the form to the right and tell us what you're selling and what its appeal is:

Price? Rarity? Value? Service? Condition? Include any photos, graphics, text or design elements you require.

2. Relax while we create a Customized Craigslist Advertisement just for you.

Header graphic design

Headers that Hit Home Runs!

Your pitch begins with your header. It is (or should be) the first thing a visitor 'sees' when they land on your site. It needs to look them right in the eye and say, "Yes: this is the place!" If you're header doesn't stand out, or clearly represent your site – you can't expect visitors to stay and look around.

We can create a header that represents you and your website – and fits your existing web design, and usually do so within 1-3 days of your order.We can utilize our large selection of stock images, or incorporate your photos and other graphic elements into the final design.

Simply fill out the form on this page – attach any photos or graphics you want incorporated into the design, and leave the rest to us. Or – if you wish to speak directly to a design consultant, call us now at 1-800-859-6588.

Business card design

Business Cards are Back!

Perhaps because it seems that everything has gone 'online', the professional Business Card offers a refreshing contrast.

It is real, succinct, and personal.

It is practical, convenient and cost-effective.

That is assuming of course, that you have a professionally designed Business Card? 

We can design you something that stands out, and represents you at your best.

The same design skills and technical prowess that we display in the creation of banners and headers for websites, are brought to bear on the design of Business Cards – and at the same competitive price: just $99 (per side).

A Business Card should function as a kind of mini-resume:

  • summarizing your skills
  • hinting at your accomplishments
  • Making the Sale!

Business logo design

Your Professional Identity!

Trademark and Logo Design for just $250

We know them as well as we know the shape of our state, or the colors of our flag: the trademarks and logos of America's most respected companies. We know them because we see them out front, before we read a slogan, or take in a picture. They are the 'signature' of a company – a promise of a particular service or product that needs no explanation.

Where is your company's signature?

Is it lost in a block of copy, or Flash Animation?

Is it simply a set of block letters, or a cute but meaningless design?

Here is the key to our success at designing trademarks and logos for our clients

  • Unlimited revisions!
  • It's worth repeating: unlimited revisions.

Web hosting service 

We also offer low cost web hosting to all of our clients for only $89/month.

(includes 3 hours of website changes/maintenance per your request)

We partnered up with Hostgator to host our websites. They are one of the strongest providers when it comes to website hosting in the USA, we have been extremely pleased with them so far.

If you have your own hosting lined up already that is perfectly fine too, we can help you manage your website even if it not hosted with us, in this case we will need ftp login or direct login to your hosting account to be able to access your website files. Please have these ready when contacting us about changes on your website.

BBB Rating

Read our testimonials and view our portfolio to get an idea of the type of websites we currently host. You might also want to take a look at some of the other services we offer as well there are many things that can benefit a business like yours.

Feel free to look around and ask us an questions you may have. We will be here to answer them as soon as we can.

Wordpress design service 

Your Own, Unique, Wordpress Blog: Just Say Yes!

Don't wait any longer. We can produce a unique, professional Wordpress Blog – from the ground up – just for you.

Our designer will work one on one with you, to make sure your blog both accurately represents you or your business, and is unlike any other.

Just say yes ! (and fill out the form to your right) and..

  • We'll work with you to design a blog that fits your needs and personality.
  • Install Wordpress.
  • We'll also install the plug-ins that define your sites functionality.
  • Then we'll put the finishing touches on a     unique, professional design.
  • You'll Go Live in No Time at All!
Web programming service 

Worry-Free Website Programming

The glitches, the conflicts, the little programming errors that can turn a beautiful-looking web site, into a waste of time and money (for both the owner and potential customers).

We can clean them up!

Our experienced programmers work closely with you to identify and remove those annoying glitches, clean up your code, and get your website running the way it was supposed to!

Unlike the large web design firms, we won't keep you at arm's length. You'll speak directly to your own designated programmer – to accurately define your site's problems and devise a strategy to resolve them, once and for all.

All this for a very reasonable and competitive rate of $75 per hour – billed in half-hour increments with a 1-hour minimum.

website maintenance
Website Maintenance Plans

If you are a small business owner experiencing trouble adapting to the rapidly changing technological needs of updating your websites, without exceeding a budget, our monthly website maintenance plan is the solution you've been searching for.

Our company provides a variety of website maintenance services by a highly skilled, competent and dedicated staff. We strive to offer exceptional service in an expeditious time frame, while providing the personal attention you deserve at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time in-house web designer/developer.

Website Maintenance Cost

For a limited time we are offering a discounted monthly plan for $199/month, which guarantees 5 hours of comprehensive web updates charging only $40 dollars for each additional hour instead of our regular rate of $75/hour, think of this plan as a monthly retainer for our services for those who need a few hours of work every month.

We provide maintenance modifications vital to the success of your site by our highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. We update websites quickly and efficiently with an average turn around time of 24-48 hours after receiving your request.

We are confident our exceptional work product and customer service skills speak for themselves.

Banner design service

If Your Banner is a Bust, Here's a News Flash…

Our Eye-Catching Banner Designs Start at Just $99

The Web is like Times Square: only the brightest banners stand out. Even if you like the design of your present banner, a new design might shake things up.

We specialize in cost-effective, unique designs that are tailor-made to fit your business needs.

We can do that because we don't refer you to an anonymous designer, working from generic templates.

You'll work directly with one designer, who will ascertain the specific dimensions, purpose, and intending setting of your banner.

Newsletter design

Extra! Extra! Newsletters Designed for just $199

Don't just stay in touch, stay in control. An effectively designed newsletter informs, educates, and motivates a community of people with a vested interest. A badly designed newsletter just wastes their time.

Whether you're contemplating your first, or considering redesigning (and reinvigorating) an existing newsletter, we have experienced graphic designers who can help, and at a cost that won't make your organizations' treasurer pass out.

Begin by filling out the form to the right.

Then, when you're ready to get started, one of our designers will get in touch with you to discuss your organization's priorities and goals – and how a properly designed newsletter will help you achieve those goals.

Working one-on-one with your designated contact, we'll create an effective newsletter.

Brochure design service

'Brochure' is French for 'Sales'

Well, actually, it is from the French word for stitch, because the original brochures were separated pages of information 'stitched' together. Today of course a brochure is often a bi or tri-fold of a single sheet of paper, creating many separate 'pages' from one sheet.

Brochures are surprisingly complex, and require professional design to be sure that prospective customers can both access the information within in a way that you intended.

Our Brochure Service is design only: that is, we

  • create the layout.
  • devise a pleasing arrangement of data and design elements,
  • and allow you to print as many copies as you wish, where you wish.
Search Engine Optimization Service

Everyone loves successful search engine optimization, because you can get lots of traffic… and… it's free! The problem is, that no one really knows how Google decides where to rank your site and when it will show up. Any expert that tells you that they know exactly how Google's ranking works and/or guarantees that you'll get into the top spots (for a fee, of course), is being less than truthful. Even so, there are proven techniques that you can employ to get your site into the top of the listings. We believe in being very transparent about what we're doing and why we're doing it, so we'll show you exactly what we're doing, and why it helps to skyrocket you right to the top!

Business owners have big challenges when it comes to search engine optimization:

Often, Google doesn't even know their site exists (this is VERY common)

Even if Google does know about their site, it never shows up in search engine listings.

Even if their site does show up in some kind of search, it's hardly ever the "keyword phrase" the owner would like.

Even if the owner could dictate to Google what keywords to show the site for, most business owners don't know which words and phrases are the money makers!

Pay Per Click Management

Pay per click advertising consists of ads that are written by advertisers to be triggered when certain keywords or phrases are searched on. Each time a person clicks on the ad, they are sent to the advertiser’s website, and the advertiser is charged for that “click”.

Pay per click advertising can be a VERY profitable way to increase sales and leads and should be part of every business owners’ Internet advertising campaign.

Understanding Google’s rules and tips and tricks – Google has lots of unwritten rules for how campaigns should be set up and run. These rules have a direct impact on how much you’ll pay for the advertising. These rules include:

  • Keyword grouping
  • Quality score
  • Ad relevancy
  • Click through rate management
  • Bid pricing

Keyword research – Most companies have anywhere from 10 to 50 keywords and should most likely be bidding on 1,000-3,000. The right tools and strategies can make a big difference in your campaign.

Ad testing – If you’re not split testing, you’re most likely getting only 1/2 the visitors to your site than you should be.

Conversion tracking – Most business owners don’t know how to track whether a dollar spent on advertising generated any sales. Obviously, without this information, you’re flying blind.

Tools – Having the right tools in the market to help create and manage pay per click campaigns is critical.

Targeted sales pages – Sending all your visitors to a generic home page isn’t nearly as effective as sending them to a targeted page that tells them exactly how you can solve their particular problem.

We will create a solution for you that optimizes each and every one of these issues. See how we can make a difference for your business today.

Why choose us?

what our customers think

Miracle Cushion

I have used 899webdesign to create my new web store. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first because I had never met Kristian and found him on Craigs List thinking he was local. His sites seemed to be nice and he had some good testimonials so I decided to take a chance.

I could not be happier with my choice. Kristian has designed an excellent site for me. I receive many compliments about my site and its nice clean look. It functions well and is starting to get orders.

Every time I need a change made to the site I simply email Kristian and the changes are made correctly and quickly. I would highly recommend Kristian to design your web site. He will not disappoint.

David Malpas

David Malpas

Big Bear Lake, California

I first contacted Daniel In Jan 2011 with 899webdesign to help me with updates on my site as my previous designer never returned my emails and calls in a timely manor if at all …. which if you own a web based business its crucial to your business to have updates done in a timely manor and that’s just what 899webdesign does . they are always polite,professional and return emails almost immediately.. I don’t have time to wait for a design team to update my site whenever they feel like it, I have deadlines and customers to tend to and with out updates done in a timely manor I would loose a lot of business that being said 899webdesign are a very good team of website developers and website maintenance.

I am more than happy with their services and will continue to work with them on an ongoing basis .

Thank You Daniel and 899webdesign for all the great work.
I am a very happy customer ;-)

Doria Rone

Big Bear Escapes

Doria Rone

Deerfield Beach, Florida

I could go on and on about our wonderful experience with 899webdesign. After working with another design company, and beating our heads against the wall, Daniel and his team have been a breath of fresh air. Not only are they gifted designers, their service level and responsiveness is superb. Our website has far exceed our expectations and we are already getting rave reviews from clients. It is professional, user friendly, and a perfect representation of our company. We plan to create more sites for some of our other businesses and would definitely want to work with 899webdesign again. If you’re considering a new website, ad or logo, you’ve absolutely come to the right place!

Thank you Daniel, and design team for all your hard work and endless patience with our “ideas and changes”. We are looking forward to our upcoming launch party and we could not be prouder of our new site.

Robin Kepler
Deerfield Beach, FL
Marketing Manager

13900 S. Jog Road, #203
Deerfield Beach, FL 33446
FAX 352-505-5245

Robin Kepler

Largo, Maryland

It is indeed with great pleasure I write this testimonial for 899 webdesign.
The process of redesigning my previously weak and ineffective site was effortless. With 899 webdesign I simply just told them what I wanted and they made my website a dream come true. In addition to me describing my ideal site they gave me helpful suggestions that would add more credibility to the site.

I listened and was astonished because what they told me was true. I have had numerous hits for legal consultations with my law office. Potential clients also compliment me on the website’s colors, texture and design. But by far, I would like to point out how efficient 899 webdesign is.

They always responded to my requests in a timely manner, and the fees are more than reasonable. I will continue using them for my website and also my print ready ads. They are GREAT!

Rowena N. Nelson
Largo, MD

Law Office of Rowena N. Nelson & Associates, LLC.
1801 McCormick Drive #160
Largo Maryland, 20774
Office: 301.358.2553
Fax:     877.728.7744

Rowena N. Nelson

Houston, Texas

Initially, we contacted 899webdesign to create an Ad for our business. After we received the Ad from Daniel, we were hooked! They have since created multiple Ad products for our Real Estate business and redesigned our entire website. It looks awesome!

The professionalism and promptness of their service is unmatched. We will continue to use 899webdesign as we continue to grow thanks to Daniel & 899webdesign.

Osaan Ronding
Houston, TX

The Listing Firm
Changing “traditional” Real Estate One Home at a Time
1400 W Sam Houston Pkwy N ste 105
Houston, TX 77043
281-300-5201 cell
713-461-7400 office
713-461-7401 fax


Osaan Ronding

Houston, Texas has designed two sites for us.
Both of our sites were a bit stark and unimaginative. Web Design’s personnel came up with some fresh ideas for us and completely rebuilt our sites adding a clever menu and creative graphics. They were very easy to work with, professional, prompt, and economical. I wish I could show you the old site for comparison!

When we have a need for changes or even to build an additional site, we will be calling the professionals at

David H. Blomquist
Houston, TX

Sales & IT Manager
3421 Rusk
Houston, TX 77003
800-228-1542 Fax

David H. Blomquist

Chicago, Illinois

I contacted via Google and I was instantly drawn to the quality of the work I saw on their website. I have always been a fan of clean, simple websites that are easy to navigate. So when I called them I first spoke with Kristian, he was very extremely helpful with getting me a quote regarding my project and I selected them after about 2-3 weeks of deciding on a company. Right away we started a redesign of my followed by We had him do the landing page and video landing page because we were pleased with his work.

Recently we have been working with Daniel Bazan and he is very patient with myself (even though I sometimes change my mind in the design stage) however his final product speaks for itself. I am willing to speak with any client who has direct questions about the level of service I received from these guys. Email me at if you have any questions or for a reference check.

Thanks again Kristian and Daniel!

Aaron Adani
Chicago, IL

Ceo of Best Price Moving and Storage

Aaron Adani

Elkridge, Maryland

The website I had before was very boring and did not attract much attention. Now with the help of I am receiving more business than I can handle. Previously I was grossing $50,000 in sales a year, this year I am on pace to break $150,000. I give the credit to my new logo, new website, and the marketing help I have received from Thanks again guys!

Rob Schruefer. MD
Elkridge, MD

Rob Schruefer

Durham, North Carolina

I had some initial hesitance about working with 899WebDesign when I first contacted them because I didn’t see that they had ever worked with any professional services firms like myself, but after reviewing their work and my first conversation with Daniel Bazan I felt relieved and excited to get started. Daniel and his team were exactly what we needed to get our website up quickly and professionally. They were always prompt in their response, excellent in how they communicated and aimed to please. I would recommend them over and over again!

Timika Pollack
Durham, NC

Timika Pollack

Sudbury, Massachusetts

I contacted for an ad, immediately they responded with great professionalism. They work extremely quick, the turnaround was 1 day for a super ad. They knew exactly what I was looking for! It so easy and affordable i will do several ads per year as well as to continue to expand the web site to give my clients plenty of information as my company grows. Thanks Guys Thank you.

Douglas Abbondanzio
Sudbury, MA

P.O. BOX 174
Phone: 978,423,6691
Fax: 508,853,1954

Douglas Abbondanzio

Cedar Park, Texas – Mango, Florida

I was hesitant to allow an internet based company create our ad. As a Law Firm, we are held to higher standards of advertising than most companies. And as attorneys we are detail oriented, at best. We put 899webdesign through many versions of edits and approvals. However, with Daniel as our Project Manager, we received a high quality, top notch ad in the end. We could not be happier with this company’s work product. They have allowed us to have a presence on the web, and receive feedback from potential clients. Thanks Again Daniel!

Lynne Shelton

Shelton & Power, LLC
Business & Franchise Attorneys At Law

Direct line: (512) 968-9922
Office line: (512) 535-0090
Facsimile: (512) 535-0084

Lynne Shelton

Denver, Colorado

We have a small real estate company in the Denver area and needed help designing an advertisement piece to assist us with recruiting. We contacted and within a day had a professional, high quality, beautiful ad! We now consistently use to help us create all of our ads.

Melaney Jonke
Denver, CO

Modern Real Estate

Melaney Jonke

Mt Sterling, Ohio Wow!! Great job, nothing else I can say, the service was great, my ad is great, and the price was great!! You will definately be hearing from me again. Thanks again.

Brent Wilson
Mt Sterling, OH
Oxford Lending Group
27 N. London St.
Mt Sterling, OH 43143

Brent Wilson

San Ramon, California

I have worked with Daniel @ 899webdeisgn for over a year. I always find their work creative, consistant and reliable. They are my “secret” weapon for advertisment design services, that I hope my competitors never find.

San Ramon, CA



NYC, New York

The group over at 899 Web Design are talented, responsive, thorough and know how to please their clients. They made sure all the artistic details of our website were addressed … and in a speedy fashion. Thanks Daniel and the team at 899.

Mark Jordan

Optistar Technology Consultants

Mark Jordan

Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Recently we re-launched our new website and had the pleasure of working with Daniel Bazan from

Daniel and his team of designers were extremely easy to work with and very consultative during the entire design process.

They are a great company with the design skills you’ll need to make your website cutting edge. I personally recommend them as a client and will certainly be utilizing there expertise on future web projects.

Steven C. Lima
Pawtucket, RI

Online Marketing Supervisor
Collette Vacations – RI

Steven C. Lima Online Marketing Supervisor