Andrea L. Reid

April 26, 2016

As a new business owner, I was not as knowledgeable about website creations as I needed to be. I found out that my website was initially built by templates and played a significant part in how slow it functioned. A friend suggested I give 899Web Design a call. Dan jumped in and did a quick assessment of the website and knew immediately what to do to improve the speed of the site. He managed to bring a website that was operating at an “F” to a high “B” status. He explained to me that I was experiencing problems because the site was indeed built by templates, which is never the way to go if you are serious about your business. Dan and his team made additional changes/updates to the site and it is functioning at optimal potential! People have told me how good the site looks now and how it pulls up quickly on their mobile phones. I am so THANKFUL for Dan and his team and that I took a chance with him. If you ask him to do something, he will 9 times out of ten, have a resolution or response within a couple of days. He does great work and I highly recommend him for any website work.

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